Fail Better

The more & more I was exposed to different types of failures, my successes doubled and tripled.

I broke down when I failed during my school days. I thought my life is doomed and thats the end of life.

There were days I even felt that there is no strong purpose for me live anymore.

My parents greatly supported me in staying positive during downturns.

I started reading Mr. M.S. Udayamurthy’s books and it helped me a lot in staying motivated.

I used my school failure as fuel during my college days. I wanted to outgrow myself. I dint stick any structured approach, just did what it took to achieve.

I kept setting multi level targets for myself. Whenever I reached my set goals, I kept celebrating my small level successes.

I did fail terribly in both personal & professional fronts multiple times when I kept looking for answers outside.

Engineering my innerself was/ is not easy. But doable when consciously we work towards it with focus.

I learnt this

My failures didn’t matter to me in 5 years.
I just keep moving forward with the lesson learnt from failures & didn’t repeat them.

Ofcourse one will feel bad with failure but with awareness, we will be able to handle it better.
Fail better to succeed than never attempt at all.

I realised my will is bigger than my failures.

Thank you
Hari Balaji VR

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