Jumping to conclusion or judging others without understanding the complete picture is a sin.

Lets understand this through a story.

A dad was travelling in a crowded train. He had 3 sons with him.

All his 3 sons were exhibiting complete unruly behaviour.

For a while the co passengers were quite, then they became restless as these 3 sons were too noisy and disturbing others.

Dad seemed to be totally not bothered about his 3 sons’ unruly behaviour at all.

One of the co-passengers, approached the Dad and asked him why is he not controlling the kids. He was upset with the Dad.

Dad listened to all the complaints, then slow whispered in the copassenger’s ears
“Sir my wife passed away, we are going to our native. I am still thinking how to inform my 3 sons about it.”

End of story.

Unless we walk in other persons’ shoes, we never know their side of the story.

Once we know their side, our perception changes. Empathize before you take action

Be it personal or professional front – Empathizing is crucial.

With Gratitude,
Hari Balaji VR

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  1. Ralph Mckinstry says:

    Empathy…we never really know.Always seek out the proper way of being my friend.

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