Don’t be hard on yourself

I used to be an hard critic on myself. Many times I beat myself up & stay head down because of something that did or didn’t happen. I would do ‘should have, could have’ thinking. I literally thought I was the only one who felt like that & no one else understood me.

After attending several workshops, I understood the following –

We never actually see the whole of reality, we only see a representation of it.

If our brain was aware of 2000000 million information simultaneously that we take through our five senses every second of every day, it would make us totally mad due to overwhelm, our nervous system hasn’t evolved to the point where we can handle that type of overload.

At the max we are only aware of 7 plus or minus 2 chunks of this information.

What is represented to us consciously is the result of our perceptual filtering process, & this becomes our version of reality.

The filtering process is based on things like our upbringing, influences & learning from our parents, DNA, beliefs, memories, the environment we grew up in, etc all culminate in a sort of filter that determines our reality.

The GDD is part of this perceptual filter. Only being aware of such a small portion of the entire possibility of reality, means that what we experience cannot be the truth, or the absolute.

At best it can only be version or interpretation of what we experience. The relief for me came when I learned this, because this meant that the terrible should and could thinking was based on an impoverished version of reality.

I literally don’t have all the information, and thus knowing that what I was experiencing isn’t the truth allowed me the space to begin searching for what does work.

Until I found out about our brains wonderful ability to GDD, I thought I had no choices or alternate options available to me.

But with new knowledge & learning came expansion of self & the experience of relief in an area of my life that used to be tormented by false truths & misconceptions.

So the next time something isn’t working out for you, remember, it’s not true, it’s only an interpretation, thanks to your ability to Generalise, Delete & Distort.

Generalisations are a way of drawing generalised conclusions prior experiences.

Deletion occurs when only pay attention to certain aspects or information that is coming into our senses.

Distortions are basically assumptions & do remember the old adage that assumptions are the mother of all challenges.

With Gratitude
Hari Balaji VR

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