Plan Well

Every single choice we make takes us closer or away from what we urge for in life.

Imagine you want to build a house.
You visualise, share your need & desire about your house design to your engineer/ interior designer.
They in turn create a plan as per your wish with heir recommendations for sturdy structure.
You discuss & make changes at the plan level and then the structure is raised.

Now consider this,
Without a plan & sharing your need, you asked an engineer to construct your home.
Half the way, you are not satisfied.
Ask him to demolish & reconstruct again.

Or even worse, after completion, you had some other design in mind and which wasn’t communicated to tge engineer & now you want to demolish the whole structure and reconstruct.

Starting without the plan was the starting point for all this issues.

Apply the same for life.

Do we make right choices to reach where we want to or just wandering with no major aim.

Understand clearly, with even plan in place, there will be hurdles in the path to buckle us down. Our will comes into the picture.

What if with no plan or right choice made at the right moment? Be it education, business investment or life partner.
Think about it.

Family & friends can care for us & support us, but thats all they can do. It is only us who has to face our ups and downs.

Atleast when we have a plan in place, it will help us to see how much we have deviated & what needs to be done to get us back in groove. Without that we will be like a visually challenged person in dark forest withour any navigation.

Life is too precious to be thrown away.
So, plan well.

With Gratitude
Hari Balaji VR

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