Empty Boat

There is a famous teaching about an empty boat that hits your boat in the middle of a river. While you probably wouldn’t be angry at an empty boat, you might well become angered if someone was in it.

The point of the story is that the parents who didn’t see you, the other kids who teased you as a child, the driver who aggressively overtook you on road yesterday – are all infact empty boats.

They were compulsively driven to act as they did by their own unexamined wounds, therefore they did not know what they were doing & had little control over it.

Just as an empty boat that hits us isn’t targeting us, so too people who act unkindly are driven along by the unconscious force of their own wounding & pain.

Until we realize this, we will remain prisoners of our grievance, our past, & our victim identity, all of which keep us from opening to the more powerful currents of life and love that are always flowing through the present moment.

With Gratitude
Hari Balaji VR

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