Pointing Finger

A Guru’s dog loved his evening walk. The dog would run to fetch a stick, then run back, wag his tail & wait for the next game.

On this particular evening, he invited one of his brightest students to join me, a boy so intelligent that he became troubled by the contradictions in concepts in life.

“You must understand,” said the Guru, “that words are only guideposts. Never let the words get in the way of truth. Here, I’ll show you.”

With that the teacher called his happy dog.

“Fetch me the moon,” he said to his dog and pointed to the full moon.

“Where is my dog looking?” asked the Guru of the bright pupil.

“He’s looking at your finger.

Exactly. Don’t be like my dog. Don’t confuse the pointing finger with the thing that is being pointed at.

All our words are only guideposts.

Every man fights his way through other men’s words to find his own truth.”

With Gratitude
Hari Balaji VR

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